Firex has been active in the firefighting industry for more than 20 years, producing potassium carbonate-based fire  extinguishing systems. We were among the first in the world to believe in aerosol technology, its development potential and its extraordinary effectiveness.

We believe that technological innovation, of which we are promoters, is the key to effectively and safely safeguarding the places we protect and the people who live in them.

Rigour, transparency, respect and responsibility are the values that guide us every day in our relationships within our team and towards our customers.

And it is precisely these principles that have inspired us in the development of our aerosol systems, believing that they represent the future and the best solution to prevent the risk of fire.

Firex is a member of ANIMA, the Confindustria system’s industrial organisation that represents companies operating in the mechanical engineering sector and of UMAN, the national association of security and firefighting companies within the Confindustria system.

Firex is also a member of UNI (Italian standardization body) with a fundamental role in the Italian socio-economic system.

Our company has a quality certification according to ISO 9001.

Our Fire Kloud generators are the first and only Italian aerosol systems that have obtained a product certification from RINA Services in accordance with UNI EN 15276 and ISO 15779 standards.

The certifications ensure that our aerosol is tested according to the strictest international parameters, monitoring all the production procedures and respecting the standards of quality, sustainability and reliability.

Firex aims to help modernise the world of fire fighting by  combining cutting-edge aerosol technology with responsible behaviour towards the environment and human health.

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