The aerosol extinguishing agent

Fire Kloud aerosol systems use the latest generation of solid FKC compound consisting of very small particles of natural potassium salts. Once activated, it transforms into a rapidly spreading condensed aerosol composed of micro particles of potassium salts suspended in a mixture of inert gases (nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water vapor).

Fire kloud technology is one of the most effective ways to extinguish fire because, unlike other products such as chemical or inert gas systems, it inhibits combustion at a molecular level without resulting in any reduction of oxygen content.

The nebulization of the micro particles quickly saturates the area by remaining in suspension for a long time and breaking the chain reaction when in contact with the flame with extremely high efficiency.

Fire Kloud aerosol has the ability to flow around obstacles, penetrate the most hidden spaces, and distribute evenly in the protected area.

It is highly effective in suppressing A, B, C fire classes in accordance with the classification provided by EN2.

The extinguishing mechanism

The extinguishing mechanism is both physical and chemical: potassium carbonate attenuates the energy of combustion through the ionization process it is subjected to in the presence of fire (formation of potassium K+ radicals) and interferes with the combustion process by removing unstable free radicals involved in the flame chain reaction.

The K+ potassium radicals, derived from the dissociation of potassium compounds contained in the condensed aerosol, react during combustion with the highly unstable OH- free radicals to form potassium hydroxide (KOH), which is a very stable compound.

The free radical chain reaction is interrupted and the flame is extinguished with high efficiency.

Fire Kloud condensed aerosol extinguishing mechanism sequence

At least three factors are necessary for fire and they are: oxygen, a flammable material, and an ignition temperature.
Fire is nothing more than a chemical reaction in which the substances O, H and OH sustain the chain reaction.

Fire Kloud condensed aerosol extinguishing systems are activated electrically or thermally. The released aerosol contains potassium (K+), which starts a physical and chemical reaction.

Physical Reaction
A certain amount of energy is required for a chemical reaction to take place. The amount of energy required is provided by the abundance of energy present in the flame.

Chemical reaction
Certain reactions between atoms and parts of unstable molecules (radicals), take place in rapid succession in the flame during combustion. Unstable radicals try to become stable and undergo a series of reactions. A hydroxide (OH) is an unstable radical that also provides for the fire chain reaction. Potassium obtained from the discharge of potassium compounds reacts during combustion with the free radicals of unstable hydroxides and forms potassium hydroxide (KOH), which is a very stable compound. At this stage, the free radical chain reaction stops and the flame is extinguished. The potassium hydroxide reacts again in the presence of CO2 and forms K2 CO3 one more time.

Fire Kloud Technology

Fire Kloud’s unique aerosol generator technology, is the result of an innovative process in design and engineering aimed at creating compact and robust aerosol generators with cutting-edge design and high performance that combine extinguishing efficiency with efficient operation.

Fire Kloud is revolutionizing the aerosol extinguishing agent market by using, on its entire range of aerosol generators, an innovative mechanical-physical cooling technology. This technology offers maximized performance against fire by increasing the efficiency of the FKC solid compound transformation process and returning a clean, dry, nonaggressive aerosol with particle sizes down to 0,2 microns.

Due to the increased dispersion of microscopic particles Fire Kloud effectively extinguishes the fire and protects property without leaving significant residue.

Fire Kloud is a complete, modular and flexible range conceived and designed for every specific application.


Aerosol Forming Compound FKC


Electrical Activator


Metal Labyrinth


Aerosol Formation Chamber

Respect for the environment

Fire Kloud aerosol fire extinguisher is environmentally friendly.

The FKC extinguishing compound is composed of natural potassium salts without the use of pyrotechnic materials and contains no harmful chemicals.Laboratory tests have shown that Fire Kloud extinguishing agent has no harmful effects on human or animal health.

We constantly research and develop our products to pursue green technology.

Fire Kloud aerosol extinguisher does not contribute to increase the effects related to Global Warming Potential (GWP) and Ozone Layer Reduction (ODP) and has negligible Atmosphere Residence Time (ALT).

We are committed to the importance of contributing to safeguarding the planet’s resources and building a sustainable future for all of us.

Certified Technology

Firex is constantly working to ensure that Fire Kloud generators are in line with the most important international standards in the firefighting technology sector.

Fire Kloud is the first and only Italian aerosol system to have obtained the product certification from RINA Services in accordance with the UNI EN 15276 standard and the ISO 15779 standard.

The entire range has been tested by accredited laboratories and is certified for a lifespan of fifteen years, having passed in the most severe conditions, the required technological and performance tests.

In the transport sector, Fire Kloud has been certified for compliance with the UNI 11565 railway standard.

The advanced technological level of Fire Kloud generators is guaranteed by obtaining the SIL certificate issued by TUV Austria.

Fire Kloud aerosol generators have brilliantly passed all extinguishing tests according to the most severe international standards.

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